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Fellmann's Human Geography introduces students to the scope and excitement of human geography and its relevance to their daily lives. Designed for the one-semester or one-quarter course, this edition continues to convey the breadth of human geography and to provide insight into the nature and intellectual challenges of the field of geography itself. The authors pay special attention to gender issues and assume no previous experience in geography on the part of the students.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction: Some Background Basics

Part 1 Themes and Fundamentals of Human Geography
2 Roots and Meaning of Culture
3 Spatial Interaction and Spatial Behavior
4 Population: World Patterns, Regional Trends

Part 2 Patterns of Diversity and Unity
5 Language and Religion: Mosaics of Culture
6 Ethnic Geography: Threads of Diversity
7 Folk and Popular Culture: Diversity and Uniformity

Part 3 Dynamic Patterns of the Space Economy
8 Livelihood and Economy: Primary Activities
9 Livelihood and Economy: From Blue Collar to Gold Collar
10 Patterns of Development and Change

Part 4 Landscapes of Functional Organization
11 Urban Systems and Urban Structures
12 The Political Ordering of Space

Part 5 Human Actions and Environmental Impacts
13 Human Impacts on Natural Systems

Appendix A Map Projections
Appendix B 2003 World Population Data
Appendix C Anglo America Reference Map

About the Author
Jerry Fellmann is a professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign. Arthur Getis is a professor at San Diego State University, San Diego. Judy Getis is a professor at San Diego State University, San Diego.

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