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Twenty-one chapters covering Cost and Benefits of Environmental Policy, Environmental Analysis, Policy Analysis, US Policy (Air Pollution, Toxic Wastes, State and Local Issues), and International Environmental Issues.

Table of Contents

Field – Environmental Economics: An Introduction, 4/e (0073137510)
Contents in Brief
Section 1 – Introduction
1 What is Environmental Economics?
2 The Economy and the Environment
Section 2 – Analytical Tools
3 Benefits and Costs, Supply and Demand
4 Economic Efficiency and Markets
5 The Economics of Environmental Quality
Section 3 – Environmental Analysis
6 Frameworks of Analysis
7 Benefit-Cost Analysis: Benefits
8 Benefit-Cost Analysis: Costs
Section 4 – Environmental Policy Analysis
9 Criteria for Evaluating Environmental Policies
10 Decentralized Policies: Liability Laws, Property Rights, Voluntary Action
11 Command-and-Control Strategies: The Case of Standards
12 Incentive-Based Strategies: Emission Charges and Subsidies
13 Incentive-Based Strategies: Transferable Discharge Permits
Section 5 – Environmental Policy in the United States
14 Federal Water Pollution – Control Policy
15 Federal Air Pollution – Control Policy
16 Federal Policy on Toxic and Hazardous Substances
17 State and Local Environmental Issues
Section 6 – International Environmental Issues
18 Comparative Environmental Policies
19 Economic Development and the Environment
20 The Global Environment
21 International Environmental Agreements
Appendix: Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in the Book
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