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Introduction to Radar System thoroughly covers the fundamentals of Radar and its technology for the student as well as the Practicing Engineer. The text is based both on a graduate radar course as well as Dr. Skolnik`s long and varied experiences as a Radar Engineer. This book should be on the desk of anyone interested in or involved in radar. This third edition has been completely revised. It incorporates many of the advances made in radar in recent years and updates the basics of radar in a clear and understandable manner. This edition provides an introduction to radar as an electronic engineering system that has had many significant civil as well as military applications. New for this edition includes: end-of-chapter homework problems and questions have now been incorporated; several topics have been added or updated, including digital technology, automated detection and tracking, doppler technology, airborne radar and target recognition; the chapters have been reorganized based on the author`s teaching experiences. Table of Contents Preface 1. An introduction to Radar 2. The Radar equation 3. MTI and Pulse Doppler Radar 4. Tracking Radar 5. Detection of signals in noise 6. Information from Radar Signals 7. Radar Clutter 8. Propagation of Radar Waves 9. The Radar Antenna 10. Radar Transmitters 11. Radar Receivers Index

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