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This text was developed from a first-year course where the mechanics has been presented in an engaging form which offers a strong base for future work in pure and applied science. This book is primarily for students who come to the course knowing some calculus, enough to differentiate and integrate simple functions. It has also been successfully used in course requiring only concurrent registration of calculus. Examples have been provided in order to develop the problem-solving ability of students. Some of the examples, particularly in the early chapters are essentially pedagogical. Many examples, however, illustrate principles and techniques by application to problems of real physical interest. Table of Contents List of Examples Preface To the teacher 1. Vectors and Kinematics : A Few Mathematical Preliminaries 2. Newton's Laws : The Foundations of Newtonian Mechanics 3. Momentum 4. Work and Energy 5. Some Mathematical aspects of Force and Energy 6. Angular Momentum and Fixed Axis Rotation 7. Rigid Body Motion and the Conservation of Angular Momentum 8. Noninertial Systems and Fictitious Forces 9. Central Force Motion 10. The Harmonic Oscillator 11. The Special Theory of Relativity 12. Relativistic Kinematics 13. Relativistic Momentum and Energy 14. Four Vectors and Relativistic Invariance Index

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