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The #1 Client/Server book, now completely updated and expanded! "It's savvy, informative, and entertaining as anything you are likely to read on the subject. Client/server isn't one technology but many- remote SQL, TP, message-oriented groupware, distributed objects, and so on. Like the proverbial blind man feeling the elephant, most of us have a hard time seeing the whole picture. The authors succeed brilliantly in mapping the elephant."-John Udell, Byte, "Winner, JOLT Product Excellence Award."-Software Development "The scope and depth of topics covered in the Guide, with its straightforward and often humorous delivery, make this book required reading for anyone who deals with computers in today's corporate environment."-Bob Gallagher, PC Week "Absolutely the finest book on client/server on the market today. It's got great advice, and is well written and fun to read."-Richard Finkelstein The critics agree-this is the best source for anyone looking to understand and make informed decisions about client/server technology. In this Third Edition of their award-winning book, authors Orfali, Harkey, and Edwards combine detailed technical explanations with their unique brand of offbeat humor, clever cartoons, controversial soapboxes, and witty quotes to inform, educate, and entertain. This information-packed Survival Guide takes you on a sweeping tour of the world of client/server. From operating systems and communications, to application servers that incorporate database, transaction processing, groupware, and objects, to the Internet and the World Wide Web and their role in the new generation of client/server and object management, this book covers it all. In their other lives: Robert Orfali and Dan Harkey head San Jose State University's Client/Server and Distributed Objects Master's program and lab. Dan also works for IBM as a distributed objects consultant. Jeri Edwards is Vice President of Strategy and Product Planning at BEA Systems. Wiley Computer Publishing Timely. Practical. Reliable. Visit our Web site at Table of Contents THE BIG PICTURE. Your Guide to the New World. Welcome to Client/Server Computing. Client/Server Building Blocks. The Road to Bandwidth Heaven. CLIENTS, SERVERS, AND OPERATING SYSTEMS. Clients, Servers, and Operating Systems. The OS Wars: Meet the Players. BASE MIDDLEWARE: STACKS AND NOSs. NOS: Creating the Single-System Image. RPC, Messaging, and Peer-to-Peer. NOS: Meet the Players. SQL DATABASE SERVERS. SQL Database Servers. SQL Middleware and Federated Databases. Data Warehouses: Information Where You Want It. EIS/DSS: From Queries, To OLAP, To Data Mining. Database: Meet the Players. CLIENT/SERVER TRANSACTION PROCESSING. The Magic of Transactions. TP Monitors: Managing Client/Server Transactions. TP-Lite or TP-Heavy? TP Monitors: Meet the Players. CLIENT/SERVER GROUPWARE. Client/Server Groupware. Groupware: Meet the Players. CLIENT/SERVER WITH DISTRIBUTED OBJECTS. Distributed Objects and Components. CORBA: From ORBs to Enteprise Beans. COM+: The Other Component Bus. Object Databases. Distributed Objects: Meet the Players. CLIENT/SERVER AND THE INTERNET. Web Client/Server: The Hypertext Era. Web Client/Server: The Interactive Era. Web Client/Server: The Distributed Object Era. Web Client/Server: Meet the Players. DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM MANAGEMENT. Client/Server Distributed System Management. Distributed System Management Standards. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER. Client/Server Tools and Application Development. Which Way Client/Server? Where to Go for More Information. Index. Author Information ROBERT ORFALI, DAN HARKEY , and JERI EDWARDS have co-authored many bestselling books including Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA, Second Edition, Instant CORBA, 3-Tier Client/Server at Work, and The Essential Distributed Objects Survival Guide.

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